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About IELTS Master - IELTS Online Coaching

IELTS Master is one of the leading IELTS online coaching platforms in the world; assisting students with free study materials, online video lectures, live video sessions, online mock tests and live reporting system with detailed feedback. We operate with a team of highly qualified instructors from all over the world. our success rate is above 90% with students achieving their target score in their first attempt. Now it is your turn!!
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IELTS Master Student Portal

Our portal is a repository of , practice lessons, essays, exercises, vocabulary, and collocations.

Live Interactive Sessions

This session provides a comprehensive view of the patterns and strategies to tackle all questions.

Practices and Detailed feedback

You can get access to the exhaustive study materials for practices and exercises with feedback

Personal Mentor Support

The mentor will give guidelines about your classes, practice lessons, evaluation, and feedback

IELTS Master Student Report Card

Students can access the report card to know the target score, the current score, and the feedback.


The simulated IELTS practice tests will enable students to get acquainted with the real test conditions.
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Success Stories...
Dr Apoorva
Dr Apoorva
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Their approach to teaching students is systematic and scientific. Really helpful to all working professionals like myself.
Overall Band 8 (L:8 R:8.5 W:7 S:7.5)
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Even though the IELTS requirement for my higher studies in Dubai was 6.5, I got an overall 8 Band...! Thank you IELTS Master
Overall Band:8
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I shall recommend IELTS Master to anyone appearing for IELTS. Thank you
Overall Band 8 (L:8.5 R:8 W:7 S:7.5)
Dr Sajna
Dr Sajna
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IELTS MASTER has helped me immensely to achieve my dream score, especially in Writing and speaking. I thank the whole team of IELTS MASTER.Overall Band 8 (L:8.5 R:9 W:7 S:7)
Aaskaa Patel
Aaskaa Patel
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Getting 8 was no less than a dream come true for me. I thank IELTS Master.
Overall Band 8
(L:8 R:8 W:7 S:7)
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The guidance provided here is very helpful . Provisions provided for practicing listening exercises are very good and helpful.
Overall Band 8 Band(L:9 R:8 W:7 S:8)
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I am grateful to IELTS Master for helping me achieve my desired score. I recommend these classes to anyone who is targeting to get the best score in IELTS exam.The enthusiasm and hardwork shown by the team...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can.  You will get the required score by attending the IELTS online classes, practice tests, and feedback from IELTS Master.

Yes, you are. First, we will teach you the basic lessons of the language in the Pre IELTS Course, and then you will be sent to the IELTS  Online classes.

Yes, we do, we have a rich collection of exercises for each type of question in Reading and Listening as well as full-length practice tests with reviews in the portal.

Yes, you can. You will get lots of in-depth writing corrections and feedback from faculties in this course besides one to one speaking tests with detailed reviews.

Yes, of course. You can do this course from any part of the world as we have flexible batches that suit your timing.

 You can join the course in three steps.
1) Find your suitable course from this link; Courses
2), Make the payment with this link. Pay Now
3)  Fill this form; Student Application Form and then  you will get quick response from our end

Yes, we do.  We accept all cards including debit cards , credit cards, internet banking, and UPI. Please go to this link: Pay Now

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